Ombre, borders and awesome garments


One of the nicest things to happen to fabric design in the last many years is the use of the full width. Selvedge to selvedge design means you have no "horizontal repeats" in the fabric.  Japanese designers have been doing this for a long time (think Echino, Nani IroKoseki Suzuko.  We're seeing more and more of it in North American modern fabric design, with Jane Sassaman and V and Co exploring ombres last year, and several of the Art Gallery designers adding a border print to their collections. 

This season Melody Miller channeled her Japanese influences (she used to design for Kokka fabrics) and created "Confetti" in three beautiful colours for her Jubilee collection. These prints are striking and start you thinking about your patterns in totally different ways.  Iron out the fold from the bolt and lay out your pattern pieces horizontally instead of vertically to take advantage of the fabric pattern and you're cooking. You can use a really simple pattern and let the fabric do all the work. The sample in the picture is from Melody's booth and has a great vintage vibe, but you could also make a simple shift dress or little a-line sleeveless for summer and the colour bands would create an excellent profile. 

Lots of fabric inspiration this winter!

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It's Flannel Season

Mammoth Flannels are starting to arrive. We are mighty excited. I've been adding pictures to my Pinterest boards with lots of great ideas for garments and other goodies. If it has to be cold, it's good to have flannel, and plaid flannel is the best!

There are lots of good ideas for things to do with flannel if you're looking for a winter sewing project. Check here for inspiration

There is more coming so watch this space for lots of new fabric. 

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Starting a new project

I love this quilt pattern

It's been on my project list for a long time, but it's got to be now. I want to have it for the cottage this summer. I am a big fan of Denyse Schmidt quilts. I think she has a unique voice in this community and her modern approach is in evidence here. It's a really pretty pixilated bit of happiness isn't it?

I've chosen my colours and put them in order (very similar but not the same as hers, although she does provide an exact map if you want to recreate what she's done).

I've even sewn some of the strips together but I'll wait to post that when the colour block is done. I don't have a design wall so it's tricky to see them in a way that makes any sense at all.

I've posted this WIP on Facebook and Instagram as well.  I intend to pressure myself into finishing it quickly, so a little community attention might help with that.

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March 16, 2015


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Quilt Inspiration

I love it when people send me pictures of what they're making or what they've finished.  I started Fabric Spark because I find fabric inspiring. When I look at a great print, I know almost immediately what I want to make out of it.  Then life gets in the way and I often don't make all the things I envisioned.  Sometimes, I don't get to make anything.  However, I am happy to live vicariously through the sewing projects of all of Fabric Spark's supporters and friends.  

This picture is a recent and perfect example of a beautiful project that was finished and shared by Noreen, a super supporter and customer. I love how she has transformed a little bundle of Cotton & Steel fat quarters into a funky, modern, and heart warming baby quilt for a relative. The lions in the middle knock me out.

So please send me your pictures - it really makes me happy to see what you do with the fabric - and I know everyone else gets as excited by your ideas as I do.  

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Wool And The Gang - Now Has Digital Patterns

Happy Day! Wool And The Gang patterns are now available in digital downloads.  Go to the WATG site and choose a fun new knitting project, then come back to Fabric Spark to order your Crazy Sexy Wool. 
No duty! Affordable shipping from our shop in Toronto.
Get your knit on.

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Monthly Fabric - February edition

Woohoo - It's the first of the month and that means that we're cutting, packing, and getting ready to ship everyone's February bundle. Thanks to Maureen Cracknell for designing the beautiful Wild & Free collection and then for creating this happy bundle of other fabrics from Cotton + Steel and other Art Gallery designers.  I am excited, it's even prettier in person and I think you're all going to love it.   

We are already starting to work on March with Faith from Fresh Lemons Quilts.  She's putting together an awesome bundle for Monthly Sparks and I have a fun idea up my sleeve for Daryl's Picks.  

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Awesome Give Away

Fabric Spark has teamed up with Sherri at Thread Riding Hood for a fantastic give away.  There are three prizes to be won. A laminate lunch bag kit (pictured above), a reusable fabric gift bag kit (below) in red or green.

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