Welcome to Fabric Spark.

I have an old quilt that was made by my great grandmother so I know that sewing has been in our family for a long time (even if it skipped a generation or two). I come from a large family of do-it-yourselfers, including 4 sisters who are clever sewists, knitters, needlepointers and creative makers.  We grew up in Toronto and learned to sew under the menacing eyes of a nasty junior high sewing teacher.  It was painful, but we learned a lot and we're all still at it.  Now we are an appreciative audience for each other and for the other talented people we know and know of.  

Because of my family, I've learned that life is a lot more fun and interesting when you do something creative every day. For me, that has lead to a passion for colour and design, the calling cards of beautiful fabric.  I have had lots of creative hobbies over the years but I always come back to sewing because of the fabric. Fabric is my creative spark, my muse.  As soon as I look at a beautiful design, an interesting weave, or a striking colour combination, I get ideas about what I want to make with it. 

I started Fabric Spark for two reasons.  The first is obvious, it's a great excuse to buy a lot of fabric.  The second reason is that I love the opportunity to help other people make things.  Whether you're just learning to sew or a pro, I hope you find inspiration and a spark in the store. And to all, please show us what you make with the fabric you buy.  Send a picture, or bring it into the shop, it will really make my day.

Happy sewing, and remember to do something creative every day,


Contact me at daryl@fabricspark.com or come in person to our showroom at  

471 Cosburn Ave.*

We are open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 - 4:00, Thursdays until 7:00.

*between Donlands and Coxwell, south of O'Connor. It's about 5 minutes from the Don Mills Rd. South exit off of the Don Valley Parkway.


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