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Creativ Festival


Thanks to everyone (and there were lots of you), who helped get the booth ready for Creativ Festival.  It was exhausting but lots of fun, and no one lost a toe or their temper - that's what I call success. I'd also like to thank Sherri of Thread Riding Hood.  Her patterns and kits were a hit and it was fun putting everything together with her.

Thanks as well to all the excellent folks who stopped by to look, chat, shop, and share their creative inspiration.  It was really fun getting to meet everyone and hearing about their projects.  I loved seeing what people like and respond too. It was a nice break from my home workshop.

I will see you next spring at Creativ Festival - and hopefully before that at a few other shows around town.



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Daryl - November 18, 2014

Thanks so much ladies – we loved meeting you and hearing about your projects.

Jan - November 1, 2014

Thank you so much to you and your team. Such exceptional service and the lengths your team went to in order to ensure I had the appropriate yardage. I have already completed my projects and looking forward to purchasing more material online!

Doreen - October 30, 2014

Your fabrics are just great. I just love all the big prints. Good luck to you on your new venture.

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