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Fabric Spark and Family

Well...that was super fun.  Fabric Spark was at our first Creativ Festival at the Toronto International Centre.   Here are three of my awesome sisters, ready to go at the start of Day 1.Andrea on the left worked three days straight, setting up, and then in the booth all day Friday and Saturday then taking it down and getting it to my home - she is here "on holidays", Kelley - in the starting blocks position, came over to my house and packed up all the fabric into boxes on Wednesday, worked all day Friday in the booth and then came to my house Saturday night to help unpack the cars, Lesley on the right came straight from work to help set up the booth thursday night then went home that night to sew three pillow covers so we had something nice to fill that top left corner, then came in and worked the whole day Friday before spending the weekend looking after other people's children (in addition to her own). I also had amazing help from my fourth sister Kathryn (not shown), who drove two hours Saturday morning to work in the booth all day, pack everything up with us Saturday night and then stayed over Saturday to help get it all set up again in my home on Sunday.  Also missing from the picture is my brother Spencer, who carted all that fabric and furniture into the show space, and my friend Mark, also a fabric mover and now a master Ikea assembly/disassembly expert. What would I do without family and friends.  The biggest possible thanks to them, I have the best, this I know for sure.  

We also had a chance to meet so many amazing sewists.  We all loved that.  I would like to thank everyone who came by and talked to us about their projects, about fabric, compared colours, looked at favourite combinations, calculated sizes, and squinted to read the backs of patterns (really, the type size is ridiculous). It was hectic and exhausting and I loved every minute.  Happy Spring everyone.



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Janet T - May 5, 2014

Glad to hear you enjoyed (and survived) the show. (Been there, done that, and glad I’m retired.)

Daryl - May 2, 2014

Great to meet you too Sherri, and thanks for the feedback Janice. It was a fun event and loved getting out of my little fabric room and meeting people!

Sherri - May 1, 2014

I agree about your family – you guys are so much fun! So nice to meet you and your sisters on Friday. :)

Janice - April 29, 2014

Your booth looked wonderful and I saw many things I would love to have.
I also now have a new online source for my projects. Thanks so much.

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