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Open Sewing and Sewing With a Coach

We have opened our big beautiful new sewing space and we are launching Open Sewing sessions on Wed. and on the first and third Wed of every month we are going to have "Sewing with a coach". Bring your project and your sewing machine and get tips, problem solve, share ideas and get unstuck from a problem with the talented, friendly, and expert Shirley Dawson.

Shirley is our sewing coach in residence starting April 5th and on the first and third Wed of each month following. 

Details are here. 

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Fay Franks - April 14, 2017


This is nothing to do with signing up as I live in Ottawa but do own a small home crafting business and always and I mean always looking for cat material as I have a cat line of cushions and toys. So many of he known stores either no longer sell much with cats on I Like some with Fleece, cotton or flannel material…I will make an order this week after easter and be ordering more thank you…

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