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Sewing With a Coach

Sewing with a coach - First Saturday of the Month

Our awesome sewing coach can help you problem solve and share tips and suggestions for starting, advancing, or completing your quilting, garment, bag or decor sewing project. 

Coach - Shirley Dawson. Shirley had her own garment business where she designed and made clothing for children. She's also a master quilter who has shown her quilts in numerous shows and events. She's a frequent teacher in our shop and at Quilt Canada. 

In her own words - "I am a maker and a teacher, always have been. In my previous life I taught children in the outdoors, on a river, in Toronto. Today, I am happily covered in thread and constantly inspired to create something new from fabric. And to help others do the same thing of course."

You will be welcome to use our tools while sewing in our studio. (Sewing machine, cutting table, rotary cutters, fabric scissors, rulers, design boards, irons,sewing kit etc.)

Please book your first half our here.