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A hand-made life

I have a customer named Ruth who just sent me photos of a number of different sewing projects she's finished with some of her Fabric Spark purchases.  I have to say, I was blown away. 

She has beautiful new and bags to show for her summer of creative endeavour.  Both patterns are Anna Graham, made special and unique by Ruth.

She also has three new additions to her closet, the middle one is from "Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatu Sha" but the outer two are Ruth's own designs and patterns.

Apart from being impressed with her breadth of sewing talents and productive output, I just love seeing this example of creative time well spent.  What's better than something you made yourself.  To have an idea and turn it into a reality, and to know every time you use it, that you made it happen. It's a special kind of accomplishment. It reminds you that you're a creative, unique and self styled soul.  

Last week I spent an afternoon with a friend sewing enough pillows to give every room in her house a lift (including the room that will nest her newest, not yet arrived, little baby). She hadn't sewn since Junior High so it was fun watching her rediscover what it feels like to make something yourself. I love the delicious arc from inspiration, to design, to problem solving, and finally to the thing itself (even with the little flaws and quirks that only you can see). 


This is the appeal of a home made life. It's the satisfying journey from spark to made, and the repeated satisfaction, every time you use it, that you made it so.

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