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Fresh Lemons Patterns and Kits


Introducing three new quilt patterns and two coordinated quilt kits curated by Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons.  

When I was toying with the idea of making my first quilt last year I came across Faith's blog and was immediately impressed by her deft colour sense and her ability to take traditional quilt principles and make them feel modern, bright and fresh.  I kept going back and ended up reading about almost every quilt she made.  I knew that one of her tutorials would be a good starting point for me because she is very skilled and her instructions were thorough and clear.  I was exactly right.  I made my first quilt and it was both a success, and fun to do - just what I was looking for.  It now lives happily on my niece's bed (a Christmas present from me).  

When Faith announced that she was creating paper patterns for some of her original quilt designs I thought this was an excellent opportunity to have her curate a kit.  I think Faith is a master at bringing together pattern and colour and I know by reading the comments on her blog that I am in good company.  She knows when to use prints, how to use scale, and when to be a little bold.  She uses whites and neutrals in a way that make the colours work better without being overwhelming. I was a little nervous asking her if she would do it and, nice sewist that she is, she immediately said sure!  Here they are, and check out the paper patterns available on their own here.

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Sherri - July 17, 2014

These are amazing! Beautiful colours… she really is good! :)

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