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Gift Sewing

Hand made presents are the best.  And while I am not the greatest seamstress, I love making things for my friends and family.  I think most people love getting something that was hand crafted.  I made this rather bright hat for my friend Anne's birthday.  She was about to leave for a sunshine holiday (what a good idea!) and I thought it would be good to toss in a suitcase.  

It is from a free downloadable pattern on Martha Stewart using Fine Feathered in Pomegranate by Anna Maria Horner. It's reversible, so I lined it in this, making it even more "colourful".   I will say the Martha pattern isn't very easy to follow and the downloadable instructions are missing the last page so I actually just used the pattern pieces and followed these directions for a similar child's hat.  They were great.  

Anne is a good sport and posted proof that she wore it!  Happy Birthday Anne - I hope you're enjoying that sunny spot.  


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lisa - February 28, 2014

Looks great. You are a great friend

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