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Yuwa Lightweight Cotton - Modern floral

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The fabrics from Japan are really my favourites. This is the fabric that got me into the business of selling fabric. To me they are the most inspiring and original designs and always amazing quality. 

Yuwa is known in North America for its delicate floral prints and pretty fabrics. This beauty is bolder than most of their fabrics and a great option for fans of a more mid-century look. There is a looney in the top right corner for scale.

Spark - This has a perfect drape and would be an ideal scale for a dress or blouse. It's not opaque at all but it is light and would be comfortable in warmer temperatures. Anyone planning to head south over the winter for some sun?

Please note that all fabric is sold in 1/2 yard increments. If you want 1 yard, please order a quantity of 2. If you want 2 yards, you will need to order a quantity of 4.

For example

1 = 1/2 yard 2 = 1 yard 3 = 1 1/2 yards 4 = 2 yards

Manufacturer - Yuwa

Designer - House designer

Composition - 100% Cotton 

Width - 44-45"