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Lewis and Irene - Spindrift - Puffin Rocks on Turquoise Blue

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Planning any watery holidays this year?  Maybe just in your imagination?

"A mist of salty sea spray blown on the coastal summer breeze. Choppy waves on a sunny day. Inspired by a trip to watch the whales around the San Juan Islands. A place where you feel as free as the ocean …

Oh my. I just thought this was really cute. But I love the imagery from the folks at Lewis and Irene. The UK fabric manufacturer behind this pretty little group.

Spark - We've already had some folks pick up this group for beach bag sewing, a fun idea. Lots of kid's projects come to mind. A sun hat, summer pajamas, play mats, pillow case or travel bag.

Please note that all fabric is sold in 1/2 yard increments. If you want 1 yard, please order a quantity of 2. If you want 2 yards, you will need to order a quantity of 4.

For example

1 = 1/2 yard 2 = 1 yard 3 = 1 1/2 yards 4 = 2 yards

Manufacturer - Lewis & Irene

Designer - Lewis & Irene

Composition - 100% Cotton

Width - 44-45"