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Ships and Violins Quilt Pattern - Fado Road

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Ships and Violins is Cristina de Miranda, a talented designer and quilter who has taken us by storm here at Fabric Spark. This gifted quick study has been designing and making her whole life but turned to quilting only 3 years ago, and like many of us, has never looked back. Her patterns are beautifully written, completely original and versatile (see the individual patterns for a wide range of sizes and projects).

Fado Road began as a row quilt, but took on a modern twist when she began to play with scale. Set your eyes on the left side of the quilt photo below. You can follow a pattern toward the right until your vision is halted by a disruption in the design. These visual interruptions are blocks that have been made larger than their neighbouring companions. They are visual swells in the design like swells of sound in a fado.

Size - 64.5" x 82.5" (Throw)

Pattern Includes detailed step by step instructions, master templates and access to online resources. Digital colouring page available at