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Makower Scandi 2020 Advent Calendar panel

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These Scandi prints are a classic. Makower makes a Scandi holiday collection every year on their beautiful quilting cotton. The creamy backgrounds and beautiful pale grey make them feel modern and warm but there's just enough tradition here to appeal to all. 

This listing is for the advent calendar panel. It's 24" x 44" (width of fabric). The background fabric, and the fabric for the pockets are included in the panel, along with brief instructions for sewing it together. 

Spark - The panels would make very pretty centre blocks for a simple quilt, or a quilt back for a holiday quilt. I also thought it would be pretty to make gift bags, each with a circle on the front. 

Manufacturer - Makower

Designer - House designer

Composition - 100% Cotton

Width - 44-45"