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Lizzy House the Lovely Hunt Unicorn Dream in periwinkle

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Lizzy tells a great story about this collection. She spent a lot of time in London Museums on her last trip there and kept finding herself in the tapestry room of the V&A (a glorious place). She said the tapestries were mesmerizing and the commission of a tapestry used to mean whole villages would be created to get it done between the weavers, the dyers, the designers, and all the people required to feed and shelter those artisans. Those tapestries though always depicted some violent scenes, as a lot of medieval art does, and she obviously didn't want to carry that through to her designs, hence the "lovely" hunt!

Her designs tell a story, make you smile and start you thinking right away about what you want to make. It's my favourite collection yet, which is saying a lot given how much I loved Natural History.

Spark -  Many of these prints are beautiful stand alone fabrics for garments, but I love the idea of working them all together into a project.

Please note that all fabric is sold in 1/2 yard increments. If you want 1 yard, please order a quantity of 2. If you want 2 yards, you will need to order a quantity of 4.

For example

1 = 1/2 yard 2 = 1 yard 3 = 1 1/2 yards 4 = 2 yards

Manufacturer - Andover

Designer - Lizzy House

Composition - 100% Cotton

Width - 44-45"