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Imagine gnats - Roly Poly

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The lovely Rachael behind Imagine Gnats is a blogger, pattern designer and extremely knowledgable sewist with a great eye for shape and construction and a helpful leaning towards simplicity.  Be sure to check out her blog for bookmark worthy information on different types of fabric like chambray, double gauze and knits (beautiful fabric options available here or coming soon). It's like a reference library written by your craftiest friend.

As for her patterns, she is a Mom and has a great eye for a pattern that can be used over and over because it's smart, surprisingly simple, super cute, and will be a happy choice for your little one because it's so pretty. I love the Roly Poly because it's a tunic, my favourite garment for a kid, and it's reversible - what's better than that? It can be worn with either fabric showing over a skirt, leggings, pants or as a smock. This may be the most versatile pattern in the shop.

Note - Rachael suggests that because this skirt sits a little lower on the hips, defer to hip measurements when determining your size.

Fabric Requirements - This pattern is designed for cotton or cotton blend fabrics without stretch (see size chart for yardage requirements). 

You will also need two buttons 1/2" to 1" diameter 


Note - after choosing pattern size, determine whether you would like pockets on neither, one or both sides. Yardages shown are for one side only.