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Four Point Puzzles - Bric-à-brac

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Four Point Puzzles is a Canadian jigsaw puzzle company launched in 2019 by Lindsay Stead. Based in Hamilton Ontario, they started with the Moon and then expanded their styles to include bold, graphic designs and fine art.

Their new release includes a design by visual artist Otto Iram who's based in Toulouse, France. Here's a little more about the artist: "Using a combination of painting and collage, Otto Iram’s playful work is created in a spontaneous manner. From making his own palette of papers that he paints with bright, bold colours, to loosely cutting geometric forms, nothing is pre-planned. Each piece unfolds as these shapes and colours are created, arranged and rearranged one on top of another until a harmonious composition emerges. This layering technique creates a wonderful depth to his work with faint shadows highlighting each form."

A great gift for the holiday season, or just for staring down a long winter, a rainy weekend, or the opportunity for some zen focus. 

 The puzzle is 1000 pieces and finishes 25" x 25". Difficulty is low to medium.