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Esch House Quilts - Think Positive

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Esch House is the home of Debbie Grifka, an invented and talented quilter in Michigan who has sewn all her life and started quilting about 10 years ago. I like her patterns because she always adds an interesting little twist to what she's doing.

I love plus quilts but this one struck me because Debbie has made it looser and more interesting with her random plus placement - no rigid grids for her. The fabric requirements for each size are noted in the image attached. The pattern includes 6 sizes including...

Baby - 36" x 43 1/2"

Youth - 51" x 58 1/2"

Throw - 51" x 73 1/2"

Twin - 66" x 81"

Full - 88 1/2" x 88 1/2"

Queen/King - 96" x 111"

Spark - I like the idea of a really monochromatic version of this quilt, having the plusses all one fabric and the background all in a contrasting fabric. Or, mix it up like crazy with a scrappy rainbow of plusses on a fun low volume background.