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Encyclopedia Galactica by Suite 1500 - Panel in Linen

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 Well, I was very excited when I saw this collection. It marries so many awesome things... Space, numbers, text, vintage etching, low volumes, a neutral palette, and did I mention space? The prints have a slight patina behind them, giving the fabric the appearance of parchment in places. I was very taken with this at Market (some of the extra pictures) and thought their ideas were terrific in the samples.

Note - this fabric is sold by the panel.  The panel is 24" by 44" (Width of fabric), there are 8 different images in each panel

Spark - These prints, especially the panels, make great hero fabrics, worthy of building a project around and can be effective on a large scale, like a quilt, or quite striking closer in, like a pillow.  My favourite was the star chart panel with embroidery!

Fabric Manufacturer - Andover

Fabric Designer - Suite 1500

Fabric Composition - 100% Cotton

Fabric Width - 44-45"