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Colourful Pom Pom Trim - 3/4" Multi-coloured Trim

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I'm drawn to pom poms. I love the injection of colour, humour and playfulness these little fuzzy balls bring to a project. When we were growing up we called them "dingle balls" so you can't take them too seriously. Lots of colours to choose from and an affordable way to make something truly your own..

Note - this special strand is multi-coloured.

Spark - I like the ideal of adding them to a square or oblong piece of double gauze for a scarf, or trimming the outside edge of pillows with them, or adorning a pretty little pouch or around the cuff of your kid's pajamas. The opportunities are endless. 

Size - the balls are 3/4"

Sold by the yard in one yard increments. Each unit equals 1 yard.