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12 Months of Daryl's Picks

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We choose a bundle of 12 fabrics every month to send out to subscribers. They're curated to work together and to inspired your next quilt project. We mix things up from month to month so that you're also building a stunning stash over several months. We're posting the bundles each month as they go out in case you're looking for a little inspiration (or temptation??)

How it works. At the time that you are ordering the subscription, you will be charged for the first bundle (plus applicable taxes and shipping) - your bundle will ship at the beginning of the following month. After that, and on an ongoing basis, your card will be charged on the 1st of each month (plus applicable shipping and taxes) and that month's awesome bundle of 12 fat quarters will be shipped out to you within three days of the payment processing.

Note - For any monthly subscription, you won't be able to pay through Paypal. If you are purchasing other items and want to use Paypal for them, please create a separate order.  

What's Included.  12 fat quarters of beautiful premium designer quilting cottons chosen for you each month. A fat quarters is 22"x18". There are no solids in our bundles, all of the pieces are printed and/or woven.