Fabric Spark Believes

We are lucky to be part of a creative and caring community and have been inspired by the commitment and efforts in our community to see racism and learn how to eliminate it. On behalf of the whole Fabric Spark team, we believe Black Lives Matter and we support equal rights, equal treatment and equal access to resources and markets. We want to be accountable.

Funding - For the rest of the month of June (13th – 30th), we are donating 10% of sales to The Black Solidarity Fund through Canada Helps. There is a matching grant available of up to $1 million dollars from P&G Canada so we encourage you to do the same, your money will be doubled. The Fund supports over 40 organizations that are advancing social services, economic opportunities, mental health supports, advocacy efforts, and access to education for Black Canadians.

Learning – We are on a learning curve, no question. We are sharing what we’ve found and welcome suggestions from you. We’re reading, watching, listening and looking for understanding. It’s a process and we’re going to be going through it for some time. We are also trying to specifically include a deeper understanding of First Nations life in Canada, which has paralleled the Black experience in some ways and is also completely unique. We welcome any suggestions to be better informed on that community and how we can be part of positive change. We are in the process of gathering a list of organization that specifically provide support to First Nations Youth.

Evaluating our Business -

Purchasing - We are looking at our whole supply chain.  We’re in the process of developing a questionnaire for the companies we buy from in Canada and abroad. We are specifically looking for a statement of values, hiring practices, and representation in their product development.

Staffing - We are committed to maintaining a hiring process that provides equal access to work opportunities whether they be retail, teaching, or consulting. We focus on skills, talent and shared values in our hiring decisions.  

If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know at info@fabricspark.com

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