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Aurifil, Italy's premium thread manufacturer is making some changes. In an attempt to trim costs, they recently announced that they will start shipping all of their thread colours in single large 26,000 metre balls (that's the equivalent of 20 spools, or the distance from our shop to the Toronto Zoo). It will now be up to individual Fabric and Sewing Shops to wind the thread ourselves onto spools to sell to our customers. We don’t have the resources to do this with the current team so have decided to create a new  opportunity.

We're Hiring

Position – Principle Thread Spooler
Primary Responsibilities – Spooling thread.
Requirements – Candidates should have
- knot tying skills
- ability to measure 1 metre and count to 1300 
- ability to differentiate between Midnight, Dark Navy and Very Dark Navy 
- patience
Compensation – commensurate with experience

As an added incentive - Employees will be able to keep and take home any thread that sticks to them.
All applicants will be considered and our favourite applicant will be awarded a free spool of Aurifil thread in a colour of their choosing.

The winning submissions for our Principle Thread Winder job are 

#1 - Ilana


I would like to apply for your open position of “Principle Thread Spooler”.  This would be an ideal job for me because I love to follow the threads!

Here are some of my past experiences that demonstrate my abilities:

- Three years experience untangling Christmas lights. Seasonal.
- Detangling hair of children for 13 years. Full-time.
- Un-knitting and spooling yarn from sweaters that no longer fit due to Covid-related body expansions. One year experience.
- Macrame plant hanger making experience from the original macrame era in the 1970s.
- Previous job counting beans all the way to 1350.

While I do not have previous work experience differentiating between various shades of dark blue, I have had to sort laundry based on colour, and I believe I can learn on the job.

If hired, I would be happy to be the primary thread spooler ("Principal Thread Spooler”), and/or indeed, I am qualified to live up to the title of "Principle Thread Spooler".   I will scour the floor to collect any escaped thread.  Waste not want not!  Also, I can be called upon in case of emergencies.  Perhaps we can expand our services and offer Mobile Spooling Service house calls! 

I sew eagerly await your reply.


#2 - Anne

I’d like to apply for the Principle Thread Spooler position.

Here are my qualifications:

You can reach me at this e-mail address, or at xx-xxx-xxxx .


Both Ilana and Anne are getting a spool of Aurifil thread in the colour of their choice!

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