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Indian cotton Dupatta - solid "crushed" - Cobalt

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A Dupatta is like a shawl and is common in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It may have started as a garment for modesty, but it has many wonderful practical uses. It's like a pashmina for summer. They're fantastic to travel with, to cover your shoulders on a cool night, or wrap around your neck with a jean jacket. They can also be a beach blanket, and a wrap after a swim. 

Spark - The solid colours will add a nice bit of balance to the patterned Indian block print fabrics, and the prints will add a beautiful zing to your plain t-shirt dress, or shirt and shorts. 

Please note that this is a finished product, no sewing necessary.

Manufacturer - Special Purchase

Designer - Traditional Wood Print Blocks by Textile Artisans

Composition - 100% cotton

Width - 42" X 60"