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Black Friday Weekend - Save 20% on almost everything
Black Friday Weekend - Save 20% on almost everything

100 Acts of Sewing - Tunic Number 1

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Founded by Sonya Philip and based on a strong mission, 100 Acts of Sewing is based on her very thoughtful and artisanal approach to fashion and making. I encourage you to read more about it here, but my favourite insight in her beautiful statement of purpose is this, "Making clothing is a conscious choice; it is an investment of time over convenience. The creation of a functional garment, engenders self-sufficiency and happiness. Since it is perilous to compare what one makes to the immutable perfection of store-bought, in sewing for oneself it is the work itself, and the recognition of flaws and gradual achievement of better skills as part of that work, that produces satisfaction."


Tunic No. 1 is a dropped-shoulder top with two options for length, a cropped shirt or tunic. This relaxed garment is the perfect layering piece and stitches up super quick! The neck is finished with bias tape facing and there is an optional patch pocket. First published in issue 8 of Taproot Magazine.

A separate instruction book takes you through all the steps, from tracing and cutting the pattern pieces, attaching the sleeves, to making and sewing bias tape. The pattern is printed on bond paper, with eight nested sizes. 

Full bust measurement (your body size):

XS: 32 inches (81 cm);  S: 35 inches (89 cm);

M: 38 inches (97 cm);  L: 41 inches (104 cm);

XL: 44 inches (112 cm);  2X: 47 inches (119 cm);

3X: 50 inches (127 cm);  4X: 53 inches (135 cm)

Recommend fabric:  

Mid to light weight cotton, linen, rayon or natural fiber blend fabric (no jersey or knits)

Yardage requirements:

shirt length: XS: 1 7/8 yards (1.75 m); S-M: 2 yards (1.85 m);
L: 2 
1/4 yards (2.1 m); XL: 2 3/8 yards (2.2 m); 2X-3X: 2 1/2 yards (2.3 m); 4X: 2 3/4 yards (2.55 m)

tunic length: XS: 2 1/4 yards (2.1 m); S-M: 2 1/2 yards (2.3 m); L: 2 5/8 yards (2.4 m); XL: 2 3/4 yards (2.55 m); 2X-3X: 3 yards (2.75 m); 4X: 3 1/4 yards (3 m)