New pillows for my sofa

I suggested occasional pillows for this Mark Hordyszynski fabric, Beaded Colorband.  The colours and suggestion of handwork sparked a few ideas but this is the one I liked best. So I got to work and here they are.  I have a plain grey sofa in my living room and some very colourful art. The pillows do a great job bringing the art into the room.  This  Michael Miller fabric was beautiful to work with, they have a very tight smooth finish.  I put a zipper in the back because I have fabric ADD and will need to change these again in no time.  The pillow forms are old pillows that used to sit on top of my bed.  Somehow they escaped the my consuming home purge last year and I'm glad, they're a good shape for the sofa and don't need a lot of fabric.

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February 09, 2014

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Custom Bundles

I've just added a few custom fat quarter bundles to the shop.  Look for them under pre-cuts.  This is my favourite part of having a lot of fabric in my house.  I get to put together unique combinations that strike me. My favourite is Lyla's Birthday (pictured here).  It was inspired by my sister's (step)Granddaughter.  Lyla is a beauty and I'm happy for my sister who is madly in love with this little girl.  I like pink, and while I normally go for a stronger, brighter shade, I thought the pink and grey were great for a little one.  

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Ipanema is Here

Ipanema is here.  If you can't go to Brazil, it will come to you.  Birch Organic Fabric created this great collection of modern and graphic prints just in time.  Don't we all need a little sunshine and warmth in our lives right now? I just spent an hour chipping ice off the sidewalk in front of my house.  I need to start thinking about summer.  

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October 29, 2013


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Welcome to Fabric Spark!

I'm excited to finally be opening, even if it is a "soft launch" to get the bugs out.  It's been in the works for a long time and it's finally here.

I love the sewing community.  Whether interacting with bloggers, fabric designers, pattern makers, manufacturers, or sewists, everyone I meet is nice, helpful, talented and enthusiastic.  From the super accomplished to early beginners, there is a spirit of innovation, creativity and appreciation for one another's talents.  It's a joy to pull a chair up to this table and I hope I can add something in the process.

Fabric inspires me to make things.  I hope that the fabric here will inspire other people to make things too.  For each of the fabrics in the store, I've tried to share some ideas and tell you why I like it.  Please let me know what you think and what you do with the fabric.  I get a lot of motivation from other people's projects.  Also, the site still has a few bugs.  Let me know if you find something that needs fixing, I'll be very grateful. You can always contact us at

There are lots of fabrics arriving everyday, so please check back often and see what's new.



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