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Parisville is here, launching a deja vu for all of us.

Parisville is here, launching a deja vu for all of us.

Parisville Deja Vu was Tula's first collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics back in 2010, and marked a directional change in her designs towards more story telling and larger scale images. It's now the first of her "Deja vu" series, created to make some of her older hard-to-find prints more accessible to new makers while preserving the integrity (and collector value) of the original issue. 

Tula said, "I have breathed new life into Parisville using a dreamy color palette of bright pastels and rich citrus colors. The design of Parisville was based on the story of Marie Antoinette, in all of its unnecessary decadence, as seen through the lens of what a young girl might think is fancy”.

I saw the words decadent and fancy and though, yup, I'm in!

We have all 8 prints available in yardage and fat quarter bundles. One of the sample quilt designs that Tula shared at the release of Parisville was this pretty Glam Clam quilt using the Latifah Saffir pattern and template. (We have both here). She added in some True Colour blenders (the Tiny Coordinates would work great too).

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