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What do you listen to when you sew?

I have always had trouble doing one thing at a time.  I like to do something with my hands while I'm watching TV (or I eat), so I always have a crafty project going. I really like to listen to audiobooks when I'm in the car for any length of time. And when I'm sewing, I love podcasts.
I started listening to the Modern Sewciety podcast last spring.  I'm not totally caught up but I listen to it almost every time I sew.  I love Stephanie's casual and conversational approach.  She gets great fabric designers, bloggers, pattern designers and other industry supporters to come on her show and have a long chat with her. And, like Barbara Walters, she genuinely creates such a comfortable space that people tell their personal stories, they talk about their creative process, and they talk about their challenges.  it's inspiring to hear these talents talk about sewing and textiles and pattern and colour.  It makes me want to sew.
And check out the B-Side. It's a weekly chat between Stephanie and Chris, the Tattoed Quilter .  It's excellent, like eavesdropping on a fun gossipy fabric-y recap of thier week.  And...they dish about Project Runway each week.  It's very fun.
That's what I listen to when I sew, what about you?
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Sherri | Thread Riding Hood - October 1, 2014

Ooo… good question! I have been trying to listen to the podcasts too – but I’m sure I’m way behind you! I like to play moody music when I sew, for some reason. Like Dave Matthews or Coldplay…

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