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Cotton + Steel

Cotton + Steel was launched at the Spring Quilt Market after months of buzz on social media and the kind of building anticipation you see when talented and masterful artists start talking about something new.  A collective of 5 designers, among the top in the fabric world, came together to create an integrated, unique and beautiful collection of modern fabric.  Made up of 5 collections and a broad range of basics that support all of the collections.  And, while their are 5 distinct styles and design approaches to the collections, the palettes work interchangeably, the mood is consistent, the quality is consistent and the possibilities are endless.  We've chosen what we think are the best fabrics in the collection and lots of basics to support these choices.  We love them and we think you're going to love them too.

They are coming in July so please keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our newsletter.  We'll let you know as soon as they arrive. 


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Kate - July 3, 2014

So excited for this. And pumped to see Canadian stores bringing it in!!!

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