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Downton Abbey is Here

Those discordant sisters look like they're getting along pretty well in fabric form.  Introducing Downton Abbey fabric from Andover.  I am told that this fabric will be appearing in costumes on the show in the 2015 season - whether that's true or not, I love how they work together.  From the top is Mary's ribbons, Mary's plume, Sybil's Tulle and Edith's Swirl.  As I said in the product description, I doubled up on Mary because I like her best.  She's aloof, wears great clothes, has a few great looking men pursuing her, and she has pots of money.  

Apart from the connection to the show.  I really like these fabrics.  it's hard to find good blue fabric, it shouldn't be but it is, so I've pounced when I saw something that really worked in blue.  I think all of these give good modern graphic impact, but with an interesting nod to the past.  

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