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Ipanema is Here

Ipanema is here.
If you can't go to Brazil, it will come to you.  Birch Organic Fabric created this great collection of modern and graphic prints just in time.  Don't we all need a little sunshine and warmth in our lives right now? I just spent an hour chipping ice off the sidewalk in front of my house.  I need to start thinking about summer.  
This fabric hit me as soon as I saw it.  Despite the fact that I love South America and most hot climates, and despite the fact that I once dressed as Carmen Miranda for an office dress up party, I think this fabric actually reminds me of my suburban childhood in Toronto.  I can hear my Dad's Herb Alpert album on the turntable and I see my older sister with pale lipstick and a perfect bob haircut in a collarless shirt made out of that yellow geometric fabric.  But it's not just nostalgic, it feels current too.  The colours are bright and it's pretty cheery.  
Dennis Bennett designed it.  
I love them all together but each of them would make a statement on their own in a garment.
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Nora A. - February 3, 2014

What an awesome site!!! finally there is a great Canadian site for fabric.

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