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Hey sewists. We've been busy at Fabric Spark. There are lots of beautiful new things in the shop and we're starting to think about some fun new projects for the new year. (It's almost December ach!). Have a look at the new bundles on the site, there is lots to choose from. And, many new fabrics have arrived including the Geo Pop canvas, new Shimmer, and Drawn wide fabrics below. We've also posted new quilt patterns and great new bags from Anna Graham. There will be more patterns coming next week so come back.













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A word about Blue

November 21, 2015


I don't know if you noticed but there is a lot of blue fabric being designed, printed, and sold at market, so I can tell you that it's coming your way. By observation, I would say that blue has not been the most popular fabric colour. It's kind of averagely popular. Going forward though, the industry is anticipating a big rush to blue. Several designers have focussed on blue this fall (Jennifer Sampou for one with Shimmer 2, above).  For next year, Alison Glass has done an all indigo version of her beautiful handcrafted fabrics (below right), and The Cotton + Steel gals have done an all blue collection (below left). The best of both will be here soon.


I should also confess that I've chosen navy for all three pictures because I love love love navy. As you may have already noticed. So, if navy is the 2016 colour of the year, I'll be celebrating. If not, I may just crown it on my own. 

If you're planning any blue projects but if you've ever considered it, this will be the season to make it happen.  

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Busy October

October 28, 2015

 Well first we had the Creativ Festival. That was a lot of fun (and  work!).  I loved seeing everyone who came by and talked fabric  and projects with my sisters and I. We had a great three days, and  we were very happy to be taking a lot less home than we brought  so thank you very much!

Then, I headed to Houston for Quilt Market. It was a kooky weekend. We had torrents of rain, I actually felt a current on the sidewalk the water was so deep. I also had a banging head cold so felt a little bashful about chatting with designers and distributors. I had a delayed departure getting down there so I missed a couple of the "Schoolhouse" designer presentations that I'd hoped to attend, but apart from all of that, it was an inspiring and fun weekend.

 The highlights for me were the Japanese fabrics, there are some terrific goodies making there way here.  I also loved the new Bluebird collection from Cotton + Steel, and together with Alison Glass' Handcrafted Indigo, the world is turning bluer.  Lots of beautiful blues in many collections. I also loved the new Carkai from Carolyn Friedlander, the Ombres from V and Co and a few sparky collections from Cloud 9.I'm back now, and not going anywhere for a few weeks so I can catch up with the rest of my life, put my house back in order, and start thinking about making something (so many ideas, so little time).

Oh yeah, and Halloween!

Happy October!!

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